Want to know where people are clicking? Use Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg is quite a funky little tool to see what people are doing on your site. It works best on the your main landing pages (the pages people get to via a search engine usually). It does work behind a login box, but only shows good data if the pages look very similar for different people’s accounts. This is because it can’t actually see what they see, only where their mouse is, you record the images from your own logged in account and it overlays a “heatmap” over that picture. It’s most useful on landing pages because you want to see if people scroll around, read to the bottom, click that large orange button or even click on something non clickable. If you have a high traffic site, you should get useful insights that make it worth it’s pricetag (currently $108 per year for the basic plan). See it here

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Andy is a software designer and developer with a vast background spanning 15 years, 7 industries and over 20 different companies. He enjoys helping businesses succeed with technology and does the occassional magic trick too.

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