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All too often, people invest their time and decent sums of money investing in an “e-commerce” platform – essentially an online shop.

If you are reading this, you may have decided you need to sell your products online.

It might be true that you need to have your own e-commerce system but it’s more likely that you just want to get started and get up and running quickly.

For this is a good choice – it lets you setup all your products with all their relavent options and pricing and handles all the difficult stuff like the basket, checkouts, and integration with payment providers like paypal.  It isn’t free, but you can get up and running fast without an upfront investment.

It has a 14 day trial and plans start at £20 per month, which is a very cheap way to get going and get selling.  In time, you’ll probably want to graduate onto something more custom and only then should you consider something like OpenCart or custom software

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Andy is a software designer and developer with a vast background spanning 15 years, 7 industries and over 20 different companies. He enjoys helping businesses succeed with technology and does the occassional magic trick too.

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