Want a simple website or a blog? Use WordPress

You may notice that this site is made using WordPress.

There is a very good reason for this.

WordPress makes sites like this one, which are essentially a blog and a few other pages, very easy.

WordPress has come a long way since it came out and it is so simple to get up and running, publish new content and even to restyle with a new theme.

WordPress is a content management system (CMS). This means you can publish content (articles and pages) on your website with little or no knowledge of coding or html.  People familiar with facebook pages would find wordpress just as easy, except the content is on your own website, not on page on facebook.

I am an application developer, I build complex web applications. I could write something like WordPress, but that’s kind of the point, why write something that already does the job more than well!

Many people come to me and ask them if I can build them a website. Of course the answer is yes, but in the long run, it’s better if I show you how to setup wordpress or even setup wordpress for you.

When it comes to writing an application, like facebook, twitter, instagram or things like that, then wordpress is not going to cut it for you. But if you want an informational site, a sales site or a content publishing site (blog) then WordPress will be perfect for you.

It’s also interesting to note that around 20% of sites on the whole internet are sitting on top of wordpress.

So if you want a website, and you don’t know how to code, think wordpress. WordPress.com is not the worst place to start your journey.

WordPress itself is free software, wordpress.com is a hosting platform that is free for the basic version, but has a few small costs when you want things like your own domain.

I recomend going down the route of having you own hosting account with someone like Tsohost and then choosing the 1 click install for wordpress and then manage it yourself.

However some will want a more custom and managed service, but still with the power and flexibility of wordpress and of course I can help via my managed website service – Online Street

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Andy is a software designer and developer with a vast background spanning 15 years, 7 industries and over 20 different companies. He enjoys helping businesses succeed with technology and does the occassional magic trick too.

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